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Easy Html Creator is program that allows you to easily create web pages
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Easy Html Creator is a program that allows you to create web pages easily. It was developed for EasyEbookPro and EasyEbookCreator users in order they could create their ebooks.
This software is aimed not for professionals. So, you don’t need to have any special knowledge. This simple editor is designed to make coding html easy.
Easy Html Creator contains three working fields: 1. Design, where you create and edit your page. 2. Code, where your page is coded automatically. 3. Preview, where you can see the results. There are a lot of useful tools there. With the editing tools you can add text, change the script, copy, save, design your html page, select colors of the text, links, scrollbar and so on. Also there is a tag editor, which allows you to add input and password field, check, radio, and command buttons. In addition, you can add pictures, tables and hyperlinks. Moreover, there is the possibility to copyright your html page by adding appropriate symbols.
This program is completely free of charge. Also it’s possible to get your own personalized version with your brand, then it will cost 197$. To download free copy you should register on the developer’s site, and the download link will be sent you via e-mail.

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